High Crime in Odessa In 2014 Leads to Community Involvement in 2015

High Crime in Odessa In 2014 Leads to Community Involvement in 2015
Odessa Police Department (Source: KWES)

Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The Odessa Police Department responded to a high number of calls last year and although there's nothing they can do to completely prevent crime, there are things that they hope to do to control it in 2015.

Public Information Officer, Steve LeSueur, with Odessa Police Department said, "The vast majority of crimes that happened in 2014 were drug related."

The police department attributes this high crime to the booming economy and the amount of money that comes into the city, giving way to more crime.

"Due to the excellent economy, with all the money here, it's a very attractive market for criminals. With that, it becomes a very good market for drugs and other serious crimes as well, " LeSueur said.

Police tell NewsWest 9, there were 11 homicides and one attempted homicide last year but that isn't the most shocking number.

"During 2014, we responded to approximately 141,000 calls for service so it was quite high. It is no secret that the Odessa Police Department is one of the busiest agencies in the nation. Not just Texas but the nation," LeSueur said.

Although Odessa Police were understaffed during 2014 that didn't stop them from doing their job to the best of their ability.

"Despite being short-handed, we were able to accomplish a lot and there's still a lot that we would like to accomplish in the near future," LeSueur said.

The police department is more than capable of fighting crime on their own but they encourage community involvement to help reduce the amount of crime in neighborhoods.

"The best way for us to combat this is to get the community involved. You can contact the Community Relations Division and contact Lieutenant Tavares to get started with a neighborhood watch program. It's important that you get your neighbors involved," LeSueur said.

For more information on keeping you and your family safe, you can contact the Odessa Police Department on getting a neighborhood watch in your area by calling 432-335-3361 or you can visit them online using the following links: