Community Helps One Another Clean Up Tree Limbs

Community Helps One Another Clean Up Tree Limbs

by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Tree limbs were scattered across lawns and roadways Saturday, it's the aftermath of one of the worst ice storms the Basin has seen in years. Highways were closed for several days and flights were canceled but now it's all melting away and the cleanup has begun.

An elderly woman in Midland says she felt trapped when a tree fell down and blocked her front door but luckily a man who owns a tree removal business drove by and saw the problem.

"I didn't know how to approach the door, and actually she was in her window there waving at me to go around to the back so there was no way to get to the door to leave a business card or anything," Robert Welch said.

It's not just companies lending a helping hand, either. A baseball team, who is trying to raise money for a trip, has also been busy after they took to the streets to help remove the debris.

"So when we show up to a house, typically neighbors will come out and go 'hey, can y'all come down here,' so we can't get off this street we're on now," Mickey Eckles, founder of 3:23, said.

"It's actually pretty fun," Ryan Grathan said.

"Better than just sitting at our houses doing nothing," Erik Ruyes said.

"But we're helping people, too," Grathan replied.

A woman, whose tree also fell down, says she's grateful for people who are willing to help others when they need it.

"What a good idea to take this opportunity to help people out and to help themselves out as well. It's great, because I mean, this morning there was half an inch of ice on everything and now it's green and cleared away," Fran Sherpa said.