Truck Drivers Stranded Due to Icy Conditions

Truck Drivers Stranded Due to Icy Conditions

by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The West Texas roads have been unrecognizable this week as everything has frozen over. Truck drivers, who normally just pass through, have been stranded here for several days.

"I decided to get off the highway when I saw a jackknife truck up by the Ace at 136, so I just stay here and see what happens," Juan Licama, who has been stranded since Wednesday morning, said.

On Friday, the streets were much busier as the rain came down, but since temperatures are expected to drop and ice will yet again cover the roads, many truck drivers had the same idea to just stay put.

"It's ice and wrecks between Pecos and here. When you see over 25 trucks laid over and over 100 cars in ditches, it's kind of hard," Ed Kelley said.

Because the trucks are at a standstill, that also means some stores are having trouble restocking their shelves. HEB in Odessa says the last few days have been difficult.

All the drivers agree, though; if you are driving, slow and steady is key.

"Well I can hear on the radio that some drivers been driving too fast and I just say, I know you have to support your family but your life is more important than anything else in this world, so slow down," Licama said.

"No sense to get in a hurry because if you're in a hurry you're in a ditch, right?" William Muhlstadt said.