Roads Close Due to Flooding in Midland

Roads Close Due to Flooding in Midland

Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Ice and snow isn't the only problem on the roads. In Midland, city crews transitioned from ice control to flood control, due to many of the low water crossings and roads melted with the rain.

Gabe McClelland, Transportation Superintendent with the City of Midland, said, "We've actually started treating our concrete surfaces again with the combination of rock, and salt, and sand to thaw the ice while we're still responding to flood control. So this has been and extremely rare event for us."

The rain has helped in melting some of the ice in the area but it has posed another problem for drivers as they now have to be aware of flooded roads and intersections.

"Based on the forecast, we anticipate treating our streets with gravel, salt and sand tonight possibly into early tomorrow morning. Then we'll kind of watch and see what the weather does from there. We're hoping to get some thawing just as soon as possible," McClelland said.

The City of Midland has closed off a few areas that have received the heaviest amount of flooding and rain.

"The low water crossings at the Scharbauer Draw are closed. The low water crossing at the Midland Draw are also closed and we have other locations that we're monitoring," McClelland said.

Officials aren't sure when the flooding will subside but transportation crews are doing their best to stay in control of the situation.

"We're monitoring all the time and we're hoping that we get some temperatures that will help the ice just as soon as possible and that may be tomorrow (Saturday)," McClelland said.

The Midland Police Department, as well as the City of Midland, urges people to drive with caution during these harsh weather conditions

"If you can, stay home. If you have to drive, be aware of the road conditions. They're certainly not ideal, so just be aware of the conditions and leave a little earlier if you have to," McClelland said.