Firework Sales Drop Due to Winter Weather

Firework Sales Drop Due to Winter Weather

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - New Years Eve is usually one of the biggest days for firework sales. But with temperatures dropping, the fireworks are staying on the shelves.

"Today is the biggest day. This is when all the money comes in for the year and yeah not today," Tony Dennis, Manager at Mr. W Fireworks in Odessa, said.

Although they are off to a slow start, Dennis is hopeful business will pick up.

"We're slow but we have already had customers which I'm surprised! At least we're inside so people who want to buy are coming in. It's warm!," Dennis said.

For Dennis, low firework sales hurt more than just the business. His local church, Agape Dream Center, depends on the proceeds.

"We're able to do this as a fundraiser so whether youth or parents work, it can help teenagers go to camp. We also have a men's home out of our church, The Freedom House, and they work to help support the men's home. Kids are able to go to camp without any out of pocket money because they are able to work fireworks," Dennis said.

But if you do decide to brave the winter weather, the fire department is warning to stay out of city limits or pay up.

"If you set off fireworks in the city limits, it's up to $2,000 fine," Odessa Fire-Rescue Fire Marshal, Al Mata, said.

Mata says if you plan on lighting up the sky Wednesday night be sure you're taking precautions.

"Wind is always a factor when using fireworks. Right now, of course, the grass around us is covered in ice but at the same time you could have some portions that are not," Mata said.

Mata also said always read the instructions on all of the fireworks before shooting them off and kids should always have adult supervision especially with sparklers.

"A lot of time sparklers are given to little kids but actually sparklers get extremely hot and so we always have a few injuries caused by sparklers themselves," Mata said.

NewsWest 9 hopes all of you have a safe and happy New Year!