Shoppers Stock Up on Cold Weather Items

Shoppers Stock Up on Cold Weather Items

by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Shelves have been stocked and restocked in the last few days as shoppers pack the aisles to prepare for the arctic blast that is hitting the basin. 

"As soon as the cold weather hits, everyone comes," Westlake Ace Hardware General Manager, Cedric Tillis, said.

Both HEB and Ace Hardware in Odessa say they have been trying to keep up with the demands all day as their shelves are getting wiped clean.

"Our big rush started yesterday," David Dowd, HEB Unit Director, said. "It has been extremely busy the last couple of days and we ordered ahead of time a few days back in anticipation for ordering up on those cold weather items."

HEB says they're quickly running out of soups, chili mixes, and firewood.

"Like oat meals, even our Styrofoam cups, anything that would hold hot liquids or that you'd use to cook hot things are selling very well," Dowd explained.

It's not just the food and drinks to keep you warm that are flying off the shelves, it's also household items.

"We've got constant people coming here for the heated hoses maybe or they come in for wood or they're coming in to try to stay warm," Tillis aid, "We're just trying to help them out and get them all their stuff."

Westlake Ace Hardware says they have already sold over 100 heated hoses just this winter, as well as 300 faucet covers. Road salt has also been a popular item, but they say more loads are on their way in since the freezing temperatures are expected to last the rest of the week.

So for now, stay warm and drive safe.