Albertson's Giving People Cash for Unused Gift Cards

Albertson's Giving People Cash for Unused Gift Cards

Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The United Family has launched a gift card exchange program called, "Trade-in, Cash-out" just in time for the post-Christmas gift return season.

This program allows you to go into an Albertson's store and trade in your gift card and receive cash back or a grocery gift card.

An estimated $750 million in gift cards will go unused this year which spurred The United Family to give their guests an opportunity to turn their unwanted gift cards into something they can use.

Kris Burdis, Center Store Business Manager for The United Family, says, "We're giving our guests the option if they'd like, they can bring those gift cards into our store and see if it's a card we can accept and we can offer them cash for that card or a higher amount on an Albertson's gift card."

The "Trade In, Cash Out" program is available at most stores under The United Family umbrella, these stores include United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, and Albertsons. However


in Midland-Odessa, Albertson's is the only store that serves the area.

"It (the card) needs to have at least $20 or more but it can be a partially used gift card. So if you had a $50 Starbucks card, and I use $12 of it, then there's $38 left. I can bring that card in with the $38 partial balance and get a cash offer for the rest," Burdis said.

The store can offer guests up to 80 percent of the cards value but the trade amount will vary depending on which retailer the card is for.

"Guests can just bring them into our store and they can scan them and let them know if that's a card we can buy back or not," Burdis said.

There are websites that allow you to trade in gift cards as well but Albertson's created this program to make it easier for the customer to be in and out with cash in hand and not have to wait during the lengthy online process.

"Here at our store, you just go in with your gift card, go to the customer service desk. They scan the gift card and tell you how much is on it, give you an offer of cash or an Albertsons gift card and you're in and out in a few minutes," Burdis said.

The "Trade In, Cash Out" program is only available at the Albertson's in Midland located at 4706 Midkiff Rd., Midland, TX, but The United Family hopes to expand this program to other stores in the area by the end of next year.