Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry Serves on Christmas Eve

Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry Serves on Christmas Eve

Kalene O'Brien
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - On Christmas Eve the Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry saw more people than they do any other day of the year. They gave out food, presents, blankets, and warm coats. Over 100 people showed up to the Midland Soup Kitchen for a special Christmas Eve meal. It's the 28th year the soup kitchen has opened their doors to give back during the holiday.

"There's no one too high or too low. We're all family here. We just love it. We took it over from my grandparents. They started this and I'm happy to take it over," Jay Ivy, Grandson of the founder, said.

This was the first year the Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry was able to hand out much needed coats.

"It is very sad to know we weren't able to give everyone a coat but the fact that we were able to give those away to people that didn't have one on a cold day and that they will go out and have a warm coat meant a lot," Layne Coco, a volunteer, said.

It was also a first visit to the soup kitchen for many volunteers. A lot of them brought their children to teach them about giving back during this time of year.

"It's Christmas time and I would like for my children to see what it is to give back. See what it's like to provide goodness to those people here in Midland; the good kind people that are here," Kade Walton, a first time volunteer, said.

The soup kitchen says this Christmas Eve was the biggest turnout they've ever seen.

"Since the population is increasing we have been getting a lot more numbers. Especially for Christmas. This season we haven't expected to see this many people this year," Ivy said.

The Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry is always looking for more volunteers. If you're interested in helping out just call them at 432-686-7687.