Family Offering Reward For Information Following Tragic Accident

Family Offering Reward For Information Following Tragic Accident

Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA - A semi-truck driver fled the scene after causing a four car accident earlier this month and is still on the loose. 

On December eighth, Hermilo and Sarah Castillo were driving to visit a family member in the hospital. It was foggy that morning making it difficult for the drivers to see the semi truck that was stopped ahead of them. 

"My parents went in different vehicles and she said when they pulled up to that intersection, that there was an 18-wheeler parked longways, crossing over the median. He stayed in the median blocking the eastbound lane, she hit first and bounced out and my dad hit right after her," Abel Lopez, son of the accident victims, said. 

Two other vehicles were also involved in the accident, one had a mother and her baby inside. Three people were taken to the hospital.

"Yeah, there were a lot of lives involved. A lot of families, not just my family, there's other families you know. They had their baby there and especially right before the holidays, it's worse. It's supposed to be a time for the family, happy, but it's a bad thing we're going through right now," Lopez said.

Due to the fog, no victims were able to identify the driver or the semi-truck but Sarah Castillo said that it had a flatbed tractor trailer hitched to it. 

"The tractor trailer driver put himself at fault, not rendering help. He didn't get up to ask the three vehicles that were there if they're okay, he just took off. He had to have felt the hit, the impact with the damage of all three vehicles that hit him," Lopez said. 

Hermilo Castillo is at located Medical Center Hospital and is currently in a coma. His wife, Sarah, suffered a broken femur and is still in recovery.

"Breaking down, still dealing with it crying. Just can't believe what happened. You always see it on the news but you never know, you never thought it would happen to your family until it actually does," Lopez said. 

The family of Hermilo and Sarah Castillo is offering a $5,000 reward for anybody that comes forward with details regarding the driver so that he can brought to justice.