Martin County Appoints New Sheriff

Martin County Appoints New Sheriff

by Kim Powellwell


STANTON - It's been a tough December for Martin County, but now there's a new sheriff in town--Brad Ingram. He's a longtime Martin County local with plenty of law enforcement experience.

"First thing I want to do is just put the department back together, get a sense of direction. I want to win the confidence of the citizenry back, I think there's been a lapse in that," Ingram explained.

Ingram was once a sheriff's deputy in Martin County before going to work in the oilfield three years ago. He was one of three candidates to apply for the sheriff position after flyers went around town last week. The commissioners voted unanimously that Ingram was perfect for the job.

"After looking at the applications that we had, you know, Brad being in the county, knowing most everybody, has worked here as a deputy before, we just felt like it was the best choice that we had as far as putting the department back on the right track again and putting it to the citizen's knowing," Bryan Cox, who will be taking over as County Judge, said.

John Woodward turned in his letter of resignation earlier this month to focus on family and personal matters after serving as sheriff since 2009.

"I think anytime a county goes through a situation like this when someone who's been elected resigns it's unfortunate, and I'm very honored that the commissioners court felt that I could step in and do the job," Ingram said. "So I feel very honored and very humbled." 

Ingram will be serving the remainder of the current term which ends in 2016, and will be officially sworn in to office on Monday.