KWAB Tower in Big Spring Comes Down

KWAB Tower in Big Spring Comes Down

Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9 

BIG SPRING - It's the end of an era, the Channel 4 tower in Big Spring came down on Friday. The tower hasn't been used for more than 20 years due to a switch from analog to digital technology. The tower was formerly used to broadcast KWAB-TV in Big Spring.

"It's an inanimate object that's coming down, but what it boils down to, it's an era, it's the end of an era. But it was a very progressive idea in the very beginning. Times change, we all have to move on with those changing times and we're moving into an new era," Cheryl Sparks, President of Howard College, said.

The station changed names many times over the years from KBST, KEDY to KWAB. But no matter the name, the station has always remained Channel 4.

"I was the first camera man here and shot the first picture out of the studio when they first went on the air, that was several years ago. It's kind of sad, I never made it to the top but I went halfway up it several times pulling the cables up to do microwaves. I'm going to miss looking up there to see the tower because there's a lot of old memories there," former Channel 4 photographer, Charles Burks, said.

Some people took home parts of the tower as memorabilia to remind them of the tower that could be seen from almost anywhere in Big Spring.

"It's a sad and happy thing today. It's sad that it's coming down, the happy thing is that it's happened while I'm still alive. The older you get, it gets sentimental and it's just great for me. If you could list a name of things I could do, one more day I could go back and do one more day, I'd like to work at Channel 4 one more day," former Channel 4 Anchor, Jack Bowden, said.

Although the Channel 4 tower will no longer be here, KWES will still be covering the Big Spring area using a digital transmitter that is placed north of the old tower.