Better Business Bureau Warning Residents About Holiday Scams

Better Business Bureau Warning Residents About Holiday Scams

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

The Better Business Bureau is warning West Texans about five scams that occur during the holiday season.

NewsWest 9 reported last week about the Santa letter scheme which is used to steal credit card and personal information.

There are also fake websites that promise unrealistic deals on items and calls from scammers that claim the consumer is a victim of a false data breach.

Scammers are also targeting cards directly by either installing skimming devices at ATM's or putting faceplates over payment terminals to get card information.

Another common scam involves gift cards.

Criminals can take pictures of the activation code then wait for them to be purchased and use the money on it before the victims.

The Better Business Bureau says the best ways to prevent yourself from falling victim to these scams are to check websites straight from your browser and to keep an eye on your cards when shopping.

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