CBP Launches New App To Help Travelers Arrive at Destinations Quicker, Easier

CBP Launches New App To Help Travelers Arrive at Destinations Quicker, Easier

By Alicia Neaves

NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO - Christmas and New Years are right around the corner which means many travelers will be crossing the border. A new app launched Wednesday now makes it easier for travelers to get to their destinations quicker and easier.

Imagine arriving to cross the border and the wait time is over an hour. Well, thanks to the new Border Wait Time App launched Wednesday by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), planning your travels across the border just got easier.

This user friendly app can help identify the port of entry with the least waiting time and even the number of lanes that are open.

"Several times throughout the week, we'll have periods of increased wait times versus other periods where wait times are practically nill. The hope is that the traveler will be able to use this to identify and assist them in determining which crossing they want to cross and what time of day they want to cross," John Deputy, Port Director of the Presidio Port of Entry, said.

Once you open the app, you select your port of entry and it will display both commercial and passenger wait times. You can even select the 'Nearest' option to find the port of entry closest to you and directions on how to get there.

The wait times were already available on the CBP website, but with the app, the information is one tap away.

“It's more difficult through the browser to find it while you're driving and you're trying to determine whether you want to come across. So the app is much easier for the user to find out the information,” Deputy said.

Using Presidio as an example, due to the far distance from the next port of entry, CBP is hoping travelers will utilize the app to identify the times of day when the port of entry is not as busy.

“Like any other operation, if everybody decides to come across at the same time, our wait times are gonna go up. But there are several times during the day when the wait times are either non-existent or extremely short. We are hoping that the travelers will identify those times and come across during those times,” Deputy said.

You can even add a port of entry to your 'Favorites' for even quicker access to wait times.

The Border Wait Time App is free to download. You can find it on the App Store and on Google Play.