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Student Has Asthma Attack at Odessa Elementary School, Refused of Medication

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ODESSA - A substitute teacher for the Ector County School District is under fire.

That's after a student collapsed in class during an asthma attack.

It happened at LBJ Elementary School.

The fifth grader's mom, Reyna Blackmore, told NewsWest 9 that her son was told no by the sub when he asked to go get his medicine.

She says that's when four classmates decided to carry him there.

The student ended up in the hospital.

The district says the sub claims that the student never said anything about asthma.

The sub also says he has a physical condition that prevented him from helping the child and that's why he asked the four students to help carry the other student to the office.

According to the school district's policy, students cannot carry medication with them and should be left in the nurse's office.

However, they say in these unpredictable situations, students should be sent to get them.

"When a student needs to go get an asthma inhaler, it's a good idea to let them go and get that from the nurse. In this case, that's not what happened and we wish it had. It should have been handled differently" Mike Adkins with the Ector County Independent School District, said.

The principal has asked for that sub to not be assigned to that school again.

The substitute services offices are now handling the future of that sub.

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