Christmas Wishes Granted for 66 More West Texas Children

Christmas Wishes Granted for 66 More West Texas Children

By Alicia Neaves

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - 66 West Texas children will have their Christmas wishes come true. Some special elves crowded the aisles of Target to check off items on their Christmas lists.

22 families in West Texas walked through the aisles of Target picking out toys, clothes and video games to help 66 children get their Christmas gifts this year.

"I think around these times, there's a lot of spirit in the air," Samuel Gonzalez, Volunteer with Key Energy Services, said.

"For the children, gifts are such an important part of this time of year," Ivonne Ramirez, Mother who shopped for her children, said.

It was the third annual Friends of Hope Event put on by Casa de Amigos.

"What we do is get sponsors from companies and private donors and raise money and elect families through applications and interviews and bring them shopping for Christmas. It's wonderful to see them, when we call them and tell them, 'You were selected,' some of them cried for joy and thanked us," Mario Salgado, Program Assistant for Casa de Amigos, said.

Volunteers from local companies helped find families just what they needed.

"There are two girls! I've never shopped for girls but now I know what girls shop for. There's a bunch of pants and scarves and things like that. I have three boys so this is very new to me," Gonzalez said.

Even Midland's rugby team has made this event a tradition.

"We had an amazing single mom. She went through and found all the clothes, used some of the sales that were going on to really stretch the dollar. I, too was raised by a single mom. All growing up, people helped us and it's my turn to pay it forward," Michael Billings, Volunteer from Midland Mad Dog Rugby Club, said.

Ivonne Ramirez hit the electronics and clothing section for her children.

"I have two little girls and they're super active and playful," Ramirez said.

With this opportunity, Ivonne says this Christmas will, without a doubt, be unforgettable.

"For all these families, and all children who are a part of this, it will be the most beautiful Christmas for all of us," Ramirez said.