Children Donate Blankets to Their Great-Grandfathers Nursing Facility

Children Donate Blankets to Their Great-Grandfathers Nursing Facility

Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9 

ODESSA - A nursing facility in Odessa hosted their 2nd annual Christmas party on Tuesday. Family members and even Santa came out to show the true meaning of Christmas.

"His grand-kids don't live in the area, and you know they're twins and they had a birthday party and they felt like they wanted to give back, so instead of receiving gifts for their birthday, they wanted people to donate blankets for our residents," said Samantha Gonzalez.

"They donated all these blankets and things for the kids that live here in the homes and everything, blankets for everybody," said grandfather Emmett Miller.

Emmett's great grandchildren Hannah and Daniel DeBusk wanted to do something that would put a smile on all of the faces of those living at Madison Medical Resort, but most of all their great grandfathers.

"It really brought tears to our eyes how little kids can know the true meaning of giving and not receiving, so it was a great moment," said Samantha Gonzalez.

The residents all lined up to pick out their new blankets, and left the Christmas party with a big smiles on their faces as they gave Emmett a "thank you" for this gift.

"It's awesome they really went out to do a lot, to bring all these blankets and things like that to give to everybody," said Emmett Miller.

Along with the blankets, they also left a picture and a letter for the Madison Medical Resort Facility as a thank you for taking care of the many grandparents that live there.

"We just want to remind everybody the true meaning of Christmas, and to just enjoy it and remember exactly why we celebrate Christmas," said Samantha Gonzalez.