Four Big Spring Football Players Return Missing Purse

Four Big Spring Football Players Return Missing Purse

By Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - One Big Spring woman is counting her blessings after losing her purse and surprisingly having it returned to her with everything still inside. NewsWest 9 first found out about this story after the woman, Lindsay Tucci, shared what happened with us on our Facebook page.

It all started on a typical Friday night for four Big Spring football players. 

"We just got done eating and we were driving down by 18th Street and we ran over something," Bryson Burt, a junior Big Spring football player, said. 

"I honestly thought it was a dog. I told him if we ran over a dog, I'm going home," Branden Sparks, another junior Big Spring football player, said.

"We turned around to see what it was and it was a purse," Tyler Sparks, a freshman Big Spring football player, said.

The boys were determined to figure out who it belonged to. 

"We found the address on the license and it was right next to my house so we went and found the house," Alex Johnson, a junior Big Spring football player, said.

Turns out, the purse belonged to Lindsay Tucci. Lindsay said she had just gone to pick up her son's friend for a sleepover when she misplaced her bag.

"When I got there, I had taken my purse out of the car and set it on top of the car just to get them buckled in and then we took off," Tucci said.

Lindsay's purse had landed in the middle of the road but thankfully it wouldn't be laying there for long.  

"We pulled in the driveway and as we're getting out we hear that's her! There was a white truck in front of the house and it was dark in the truck so we couldn't see inside," Tucci said.

Inside the truck were the four teenage boys. They tracked down Lindsay before she even realized her purse was gone. 

"They were like did you lose a purse? And I said, 'No? I didn't lose a purse.' Then they hung it out the window and I said what? Yeah! Where did you find that? And you brought it all the way to my house?" Tucci said.

"After I told her it was hers, she was pretty excited," Branden said.

Lindsay said she's more than grateful for the good deed the boys did for her.  

"When I got the purse from them, I said I wish I had some cash, you know, because of what just happened," Tucci said.

"She said if she had any money, she would give it to us but we said no it's Christmas," Branden said.

"That's just how we were raised. It's the right thing to do and you'll always feel good doing the right thing," Bryson said.

After the ordeal, Lindsay decided she wanted to thank the boys for what they did for her. So she posted a short description of the truck and what happened on her Facebook page and was able to track the boys down.

"I went and got them each a movie pass for the movies and they can get a popcorn and soda too. They have good souls, good hearts to do that. Just keep doing what you're doing. They're awesome! I really appreciate it," Tucci said.