High Level Radioactive Waste Could be Coming to Andrews County.

High Level Radioactive Waste Could be Coming to Andrews County.


Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

A big concern for people living nearby in Lea and Eddy County.

Right now, a waste control specialist Andrews County is storing low-level radioactive waste.

But some people who live in Eunice, New Mexico aren't so happy about it.

They believe bringing in a higher level of waste could be potentially dangerous.

However W-C-S officials say people shouldn't worry.

"These spent fuels are very highly radioactive even though W-C-S tries to play down the radioactivity. It is very high compared to the low-level that is already at the site. I'm very concerned to have high level radioactivity just five minutes out of town. And even if they consider it Andrews county, it's not, it's just five minutes outside of my town", Rose Gardner a Resident of Eunice, said.

"It's an extremely safe process, currently spent fuel is currently being stored probably close to a hundred countries. We're talking about waste that will be in sealed containers and remain at the Andrew county location for sixty eighty years into the future while the federal government continues to seek a long term solution for spent nuclear fuel", Chuck McDonald a Waste Control Specialist, said.

The W-C-S tells us, they hope to hold another meeting for people to voice their concerns about the issue.?