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Odessa Street Racing Crash Kills 22-Year-Old

By: Julia Deng
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Zach Landry, 22, was pronounced dead at the scene of a car accident Thursday afternoon, after his Ford Mustang slammed into a Ford Expedition at the intersection of McKnight Drive and 42nd Street.

The driver of a third car, 21-year-old Riley Porter, was arrested and charged with street racing.

According to Odessa Police, Porter and Landry were speeding eastbound down 42nd while the Expedition, driven by 37-year-old Robert DeLeon, was in a turning lane attempting to make a left onto McKnight.

Landry's Mustang struck the Expedition, causing it to roll into an electrical pole and the side of a home on the corner of McKnight.

DeLeon was transported to Medical Center Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Both the Mustang and Expedition were totaled.

Porter could not be reached for comment.

Odessa Police told NewsWest 9 street racing was a "serious issue" in the area.

"That's the third accident I've seen on this corner," said Kelly Donohue, who lives on 42nd Street. "It's gotten crazy in the last couple years. Late at night, you [can] hear the cars or motorcycles racing down the highway. It's really unsafe."

According to Donohue, a hill-like incline on 42nd Street makes it difficult for drivers traveling eastbound to clearly see the intersection at McKnight Drive.

It was the scene of another fatal accident in February 2008 and at least half a dozen non-fatal collisions since then.

"There used to be traffic lights there," said Donohue. "Those weren't a good solution [because] they were tough to see over the hill, but something needs to be done here. We've got a lot of kids around here and it's a busy street."

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