Third Party To Take Over Big Spring EMS Billing

Third Party To Take Over Big Spring EMS Billing

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - An increase in population means in increase in ambulance runs. An increase in ambulance runs means more billing paperwork. A third party will step in to relieve some of that pressure from the department so they can focus on the patients.

"We'll have multiple calls at one time. If guys are tied up with paperwork on our current system, they're not available to take the next call. With this new system, it is more efficient. It will cut out some of the steps we currently have," Big Spring Fire Chief, Craig Ferguson, said.

The Big Spring City Council voted Tuesday night to allow Emergicon LLC. to take over billing.

"E.M.S. billing is a sub-specialty in medical billing, in general. When we're talking about the Affordable Health Care Act, with Medicare and Medicaid and insurance. City Council thought the taxpayer could get the best bang for their buck," Ferguson said.

The decision was approved assuring no one would lose their job who currently work on billing in the department.

"We have found other places within the city for them. They will not lose any pay and be able to obtain all their benefits," Ferguson said.

No city taxes will go up.

"Looking between $150,000 and $180,000 a year in increased revenue," Ferguson said.

Ferguson tells NewsWest 9 that research was done to make sure Emergicon was the best choice Big Spring.

"There are over 60 cities and fire departments that they do billing for. We've checked all their references and they have a 98%  retention rate. So they are very creditable," Ferguson said.

The Chief tells NewsWest 9 the third party will take over billing in early 2015.