The UPS Store Experiencing Busiest Time of the Year

The UPS Store Experiencing Busiest Time of the Year

Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9 

MIDLAND - It's a busy time of year for shipping companies and the local UPS Store says that it will get even busier next week.

Holiday's, in general, are the UPS Stores busiest time of year but Christmas tops it all with about 400 to 600 packages coming in and going out each day.

"We can deliver your package on time all the way through Christmas Eve but we encourage people to come in sooner," UPS Store owner, Toby Kiker, said.

With packages coming in and going out faster than Santa can handle, the UPS Store has hired a few extra employees to make the season run a bit more smoothly.

"Especially around the Permian Basin now, everything's so busy and we're understaffed just like everybody. Even though we've got a pretty descent staff, we're still short-handed," Kiker said.

Next week, lines are expected to be through the door with customers ready to ship their holiday gifts just in time for Christmas Day.

"We only have three registers so there's constantly us three at the front, you have two people in the back packing. The inside of the store is filled with packages. The packing table is full of stuff and people standing there with tons of boxes, it's really busy," UPS Store employee, Dawn Smith, said.

The UPS Store has tips online to make packing and shipping a littler easier this year. If you are shipping something that is oversized, fragile or even perishable, the staff at The UPS Store can pack your items for you.

"We just try to pack everything as quick as we can, keep the lines cut down and just get all the packages to UPS as quick as we can. We've extended our hours from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday to give people more time to get their packages in and get them going," Kiker said.

For more information on shipping during the holiday season and to find extended hours for The UPS Store, visit