Parents Upset With Midland ISD's Plans to Rezone Schools

Parents Upset With Midland ISD's Plans to Rezone Schools
Midland ISD Administration Building (Source: KWES)

By Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND: Some Midland parents are upset with the school district's plan to rezone. They said it will force their kids to attend another elementary school. The district said they have no choice but to rezone.

"I just feel like it's total manipulation. We bought the house with expectation of being able to go to Santa Rita and now we're going to be moved to a different school that is not as good of quality, quite frankly," a parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

"Now that we're getting forced out of Santa Rita, it's pretty frustrating. Had I known this was going to happen, I wouldn't have purchased my house, I wouldn't have come to Midland. I would have stayed in California," another parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said. 

NewsWest 9 spoke with MISD Superintendent Ryder Warren who said next fall three new elementary schools are set to open. The district has not rezoned in 23 years and with a boom in population, he said, it's just time.  

"Bringing on three new schools, expanding the other schools, the need to fill those schools and do it effectively and efficiently necessitate the need to redraw our attendance lines. The thing we're fighting most about it is just sheer capacity," Midland ISD Superintendent, Ryder Warren, said. 

But locals who just bought their new homes are frustrated. Parents in the newly developed neighborhood, Highland Heights, said they bought their homes with the understanding that their children would go to Santa Rita Elementary. They said, for them, rezoning just isn't an option.

"I will be home schooling next year if this goes through. We will not go to Milam," one parent said.  

"I will put my house on the market, I will move or I will home school. It's not worth it," another parent said. 

Dr. Warren said the district is willing to take in consideration parents concerns. He encourages everyone to voice their opinion at town hall meetings either Thursday night at 7 p.m. at Henderson Elementary or next Wednesday also at 7 p.m. at Dezavala Elementary.

"We have to have parental involvement in this endeavor, in this challenge. The proposed calendar is just done from a statistical basis. Meaning we have 23 zones now in the district and we just divided the kids up by those 23 schools. It wasn't done with any feelings or with understanding where parents needed to go or wanted to go. So parental involvement and feedback we will get from these town halls is absolutely needed and critical for us to really come up with a final plan this February," Warren said.