Kermit Police Investigating Weekend Homicide

Kermit Police Investigating Weekend Homicide

By Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

KERMIT - Kermit Police are investigating a homicide that happened over the weekend. Police said a fight with a knife turned deadly.

"I just heard that there was a stabbing and I saw that they took out the man and put him in the ambulance and closed the doors." Neighbor, Betty Hutchins, said.

"From what I heard there was a stabbing on Sunday night in this neighborhood," a neighbor, who didn't want to be identified, said. 

Officials said 32-year-old Jorge Bentiz and 28-year-old Fernando Gabaldon got into some sort of altercation and both men had several wounds from a pocket knife. 

"I did get out and drove down to see what was going on and I did notice there was two ambulances and one person was sitting in the chair with a white wrap around his neck. A bandage I guess you could say," the neighbor said.

The men were transported to the Winkler County emergency room and that's where Gabaldon died. Several neighbors NewsWest 9 spoke with Tuesday morning said things like this don't happen everyday in Kermit and they said it's unsettling.

"It's pretty bad. I keep my doors locked," Hutchins said. 

"I lived here for many years and since the oil boom has come about, it seems like this town has had a lot of crime happening day by day and it's been keeping our cops busy," the neighbor said.

Police said they're waiting on autopsy results that are expected to be in by Wednesday. We're told officials are still investigating.