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New Mini Strip Mall in Odessa Causes Concerns for More Traffic in the Area

by Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A new development is coming to Odessa near the intersection of 42nd street and JBS Parkway, but there's concern that it may add traffic to the already congested area.

The Odessa Planning and Zoning Department is in the beginning stages of starting this new development. The city plans to add a mini strip mall to the area including a Starbucks, retail store and a Jimmy Johns or Potbelly's. 

"There was a request for re-platt at the intersection of 42nd and JBS Parkway in the Wal-Mart parking lot between Chili's and Twin Peaks," said Director of Planning, Randy Brinlee.

The area is already heavy with many restaurants and shopping centers causing a large influx of traffic. Many people may become concerned that this new addition may just add to the problem.

"\We have concerns with traffic and congestion but that's occurring all over the city right now. If the needs arise here, then the traffic and engineering department and the city will look at this situation and assess it and see what needs to be done to minimize any impact," said Randy Brinlee. 

In order to finalize the deal, the prospective buyer must purchase the property from the neighboring Wal-mart store.

"The prospective buyer is very excited about getting the development on the ground and up and going, so I think he's really wanting to go with it. So I think he'll do all he can to work with the city and all the surrounding property owners to get everything done," said Randy Brinlee.

Some may wonder why they are planning to build another Starbucks just blocks away from the Starbucks on 42nd and Grandview, but the prospective buyer has a plan in mind.

"What will probably happen is that this one will alleviate some of the congestion that's happening at the other Starbucks. And I think that's one of the reasons that Starbucks was looking at this location," said Randy Brinlee

The planning and zoning commission has a long process ahead of them before this project is ready to break ground. But they will all they can to assist every step of the way.

"Our job is to help facilitate the development and minimize and impact to existing or adjacent property, and things like that."

The developer of the mini strip mall has to submit the site plans to the city and seek a permit before any building can begin.

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