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Santa's Elves Pay Early Visit to Curves off JBS Parkway

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Women who workout at a local fitness center are on the lookout for some of Santa's elves who paid them a visit the day before Thanksgiving. They just want to tell them, "Thank you."

Chances are we've all witnessed a selfless, random act of kindness in our lives. A group of women is reaching out to a father-daughter duo to express their thanks for helping children in need.

For four years, the Curves in Odessa off JBS Parkway has collected donations for the Rainbow Room. CPS caseworkers go here to get items for children who are removed from an unhealthy living situation.

"When they have to put a child into foster care, or on an emergency temporary basis, many times the child doesn't get to take clothing with them," Pam Hicks, President of Odessa Community Partners for Children, said.

They collect clothing, duffel bags, food and diapers. Anything a child would need.

"Sometimes even a toy or a book is good. For them to have something that they can feel good and relate to," Hicks said.

On the day before Thanksgiving, the first day of their donation drive, Santa - in a different form - paid Curves a visit.

"I looked out, everybody was working out, and this young man was coming into the door, which was really unusual since it's a women's fitness place. He had a little girl with him and I thought, 'what does he need?' So when I went to the door, they just had bags of clothes and diapers. They had come to bring some things for the Rainbow Room," Nancy Clark, Owner of Curves off JBS Parkway, said.

The duo brought outfits and boxes full of items.

"Everything was brand new. Still in the bags and obviously picked out by a little girl. What a neat way to train your child in generosity," Clark said.

But just like Santa Claus, the father and daughter came and left so quickly.

"We were so overwhelmed. We were looking at all the neat little things they had picked out and we said, 'Thank you,' but they were gone before we knew it," Clark said.

Now, the ladies of Curves are reaching out to this father-daughter duo who gave so selflessly, without seeking any recognition. They didn't even give their names.

"When you have a heart that's broken for others and you see children being able to see the needs of other children, then that makes you realize that there's hope for our world," Hicks said.

We've posted more information on the Rainbow Room, including their school supply drive at Reagan Magnet School. Click here for more information.

Now it's your turn. Have you witnessed a random act of kindness recently in our community? If so, let us know. We'd love to share it with others. Just call 567-9991 or email

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