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Trey Sands Found Dead at Terlingua Ranch After Missing for Over 30 Days

Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

Three suspects were taken into to custody Thursday morning in regard to the death of 28 year old Trey Sands. Initially Trey was reported missing after going on a hunting trip in Terlingua near Alpine, TX. The family didn't realize anything was wrong until Trey hadn't shown up for Thanksgiving. He was missing for exactly thirty days, before the family was able to take action. His father, Sandy Sands, contacted the Brewster County Sheriffs Department and filed a missing persons report on Sunday, November 30th.  

Suspect Keith McWilliams led police to the body on Wednesday as well as notifying Police of the other two suspects who acted as accomplices to the murder. The three suspects involved in the murder of Trey Sands were Keith McWilliams, 49, Rhonda Joy Bloom, 42, and Charles Levi Morrow, 30. 

The body was buried about twenty miles into Terlingua Ranch under a pile of rocks. Finally, over a month after Trey went missing, the family  is now able to have closure, knowing that the three murder suspects are now in custody.

"The suspects we were talking to, advised us that they took him out there in the desert and covered him up with rocks, no hole was dug or anything." said Sheriff Ronny Dodson of the Brewster County Sheriffs Department. 

Officials say that the body may have never been found if suspect Keith McWilliams would not have let them to it. Trey was shot to death, suffering a gun shot wound to the chest from a black powder pistol. McWilliams shot Trey, while the other to suspects helped carry and bury the body. 

The family of Trey had a gut feeling that Trey was more than just "missing" and were afraid that this may have been the outcome."I knew, I think I knew. I always had hope, but I really, I just knew." said Kara Sands. 

Kara did all she could to find her brother and help law enforcement in starting the search for her brother. 

"Kara found Trey, and that's what she said, she said I'm going to find my brother," said Trey's father Sandy Sands. 

"The family is very upset. You can imagine, she wanted to come back with her brother. I hate that she had to find him this way. I wish she could have at least found him out in the desert with some girl."Sheriff Dodson said, 

Family members are grieving the loss of Trey Sands, but are glad that they know that he is now at peace. 

"I'm so grateful that they did find him because from what the Sheriff told me, it can take months even years to find someone out here because it's just so big. The fact that they found him, is a blessing." 

After the autopsy report comes back, the family hopes to start planning for Trey's funeral as well as move on with the investigation in hopes that each suspect involved in the case is brought to justice.

The case is still under investigation, and the family asks that you allow them privacy and peace during this time. 
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