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Five Suspects in Jail, Deputies Investigated After Traffic Stop

 by: Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The 3800 block of Melody Lane is quiet now but a routine traffic stop Monday afternoon has put five people in jail and an investigation into the deputies on scene.

"She punched him in the face and then he took her to the ground. She bites him and then the other girl comes up and hits him before he got her on the ground," Ector County Sheriff, Mark Donaldson said.

After Ector County Deputies pulled over a vehicle for speeding, they eventually found marijuana in the car. They arrested the driver, 19 year old Jamin Davis.

Once Davis was in cuffs outside of the car, four other suspects, 22 year old Teravious Holbert, 25 year old Channa Shea Smith, 17 year old Dayshia Marie Williams and 19 year old Dauryashia Williams, became violent.. Sheriff Donaldson says Holbert ran off after being arrested.

"The black male got up off the ground and took off running. Got his cuffs out from behind his back and took off running. The Sergeant left and went and got him. Then the Deputy pulled out his tazer and got the others on the ground," Donaldson said.

Complaints have been filed into how the deputies handled the situation. An investigation has now been open.

"Did it escalate because of what we did? We will look at it," Donaldson said.

Donaldson says recording an incident with your cell phone is allowed, under certain guidelines.

"If their not interfering and they're not in the way, Then video taping us is not a problem," Donaldson says.

In all cases, Donaldson says you should remain compliant .especially not interfering with an arrest.

"Comply with the officer and then come file a complaint. It's not worth getting in a fight with officers. If they are wrong, they will get disciplined through the agency. If you start fighting them and attack them then you're going to go to jail," Donaldson said.

Sheriff Donaldson tells us that the cell phone video and a body camera on one of the deputies will be used to help determine the outcome of the investigation.
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