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Building Spree Outside of the Loop

by: Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND-  The city is building further out from the city core. Large growth areas are popping up outside of loop 250. The city says its necessary to use acre upon acre of vacant land. Deauville Boulevard is just west of Loop 250 on Midland's west side. It has become a construction over load. It's just one of the areas outside of the loop where growth has exploded.  

"That area is growing the same reason it's growing everywhere else, it was open available land. Inside the loop we have restrictions as far as there isn't big, open tracks. Some companies would like to locate downtown but there isn't available land," Director of Development Services with the City of Midland, Charles Harrington said.

Chevron is going to move their operations off Deauville Boulevard. A decision that was made because of space.

In a statement to NewsWest 9, Chevron says.

"Chevron's ClayDesta location has served us very well for many years. We found however, that substantially more space was needed to accommodate our workforce. The location of our new campus will allow is to accommodate 800 employees, along with conference and training facilities, with room to expand if needed," Elana Marion with Chevron

Other areas outside of the Loop are booming with new development such as the area between Big Spring Street and Fairgrounds Road. The city warns that the further out you get, infrastructure needs to be installed.

"Start talking about extending water and sewer and even roadways the further out you go. It becomes a burden," Harringron said

Also the further out you develop, oil fields come into play.

"Midland into some extent is land locked. Beyond where we are developing now the oil oil wells become a little more dense and it becomes more difficult to deal with," Harrington said.

But the city doesn't show any sign of slowing construction down, anytime soon.
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