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Oil Expert, Locals Speak Out About Fracking Ban in Denton

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By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

Fracking is something that's done everyday in West Texas but one North Texas town doesn't want anything to do with it. Back in November, Denton voted to ban fracking and on Tuesday the ban went into effect.

Fracking is nothing new to the Denton area, but according to NBC 5 in Dallas, residents became fed up after noisy drilling was going on close to their neighborhoods.

After the decision was made, two lawsuits were quickly filed against the city by the State General Land Office and the Texas Oil and Gas Association. Both groups argue the ban is unconstitutional.

Morris Burns, an oil expert NewsWest 9 spoke with on Wednesday, doesn't think the ban will stick around for long. 

"It's going to be very difficult to find that the city of Denton has the right to ban fracturing within its city limits. They've already agreed that they don't have the right to ban drilling. You can't forbid someone from capturing their minerals that they rightfully own," Burns said.

Fracking is a part of our everyday lives in the Permian Basin. Locals NewsWest 9 spoke with definitely disagree with Denton's decision.

"I just feel that maybe they haven't done all of their research. I think that fracking has a bad rap but really we're not putting anything in that's not already in the earth anyway," Mark Kast, a local resident, said.

"I have been fracking for six and a half years and I have never seen it to be a problem. It's just recovering oil production," Peter John, a local fracker, said.

Voters in Denton made the decision to ban fracking 59% to 41% . But some West Texans see fracking as something positive.

"It supplies thousands upon millions of jobs. We're self sufficient in our oil supply," Kast said.

"There's more work. More opportunities for people for job advancement," Lupe Hernandez, another local, said. 

Burns also said he doesn't see a fracking ban ever coming to West Texas. The two lawsuits that were filed in Denton are still pending.

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