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Officials Warn of Scammers On National Day of Giving

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by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - After Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, now is Giving Tuesday. The national day of giving kicks off the holiday giving season. Officials are warning consumers of scammers that are out there to make Christmas not so merry.

"Many people are going to non-profit at this time of year asking for help. We do encourage people to give to the organizations whose missions touch their hearts, that they feel strongly about," Interim Executive Director for the United Way of Midland, Alice Freidline, said.

Freidline knows about Giving Tuesday. She also knows about the scammers looking to take advantage of good-hearted people during the holidays.

"Give to an organization that you know about, that you trust. That you know the programs are making a difference in our community," Freidline said.

The Better Business Bureau is warning people of the scams on Giving Tuesday and they gave helpful tips to make sure your dollars end up in the right hands.

"Do your research before you pick a charity. It's better off that you solicit the charity yourself. Decide who you want to give to instead of waiting on them to contact you," Tyler Patton, Regional Director for the BBB, said.

Patton says scammers pick a fake charity whose name is closely related to a national, credited charity. He says they go after everyone, not just the elderly.

"Whoever you're talking to about the charity, ask them a lot of questions. Ask them what their mission is. How they go about fulfilling that mission. What their financial situation is, all those kind of things. Those questions are pertinent to you giving," Patton said.

Patton also says to keep your emotions in check before an abrupt decision to give. For a list of charities to donate to, you can visit

The BBB said that Cyber Monday was the biggest it has ever been. They are hoping Giving Tuesday will be just as big.
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