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Midland Preschoolers Setting the Bar for Holiday Food Drives

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By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's the season of giving, and one group of preschoolers is setting the bar.In just two weeks, they raised enough food and cleaning supplies to last one Midland soup kitchen for months to come.

It all started with an idea to host a food drive for a couple of weeks. 1,200 items later, preschoolers at Holy Trinity CDO of Midland are proving that any group, no matter what age or size, can make a difference.

"When we ask for something, Midland is really good to give it to us," Nancy Ivy, Manager of Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry, said.

Two weeks. That's all it took for a group of 86 preschoolers at Holy Trinity CDO of Midland to raise over 1,200 items for Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry.

"A thousand pounds," preschooler, Zaidyn Chamberlain, said.

"I think it's a great lesson and a great message to send to these kids that there are people in need and we can help," Rendi Dworsky, Activities Instructor at Holy Trinity CDO, said.

Kids, with the help of their parents, brought in bag, after bag, after bag worth of goods.

"Cups, toilet paper and napkins and Kleenex," Chamberlain said.

"All my teachers went well above what they planned to collect. It was just a lot of fun to see the parents get involved and to have the kids walk in and be so excited that they brought food. It was really heartwarming," Dworsky said.

"These kids, they try to out do themselves every year so they really know the way to give," Ivy said.

Zaidyn says she knows the importance of giving to those who have no food or water.

"...Because they will be hungry and thirsty," she said.

"All these donations help all year round. We build a pack here and we use it. By the time we get back to December and we're running low, the Lord always fills our cup," Ivy said.

This was the first food drive by the children and their families at Holy Trinity CDO.

Next year, they plan to do it again, raising 1,200 items and then some.

"It doesn't matter how small you are or how tiny you might be, just putting your heart into something can really make the difference," Dworsky said.

Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry feeds 100 people a day, including children.

They are also in need of help. We've posted all the information you need to know, click here.

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