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Truck Crashes into Midland Home on Thanksgiving, Following Similar Christmas Eve Accident

By: Julia Deng
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A woman driving a Dodge pick-up truck was arrested Thursday afternoon, after allegedly neglecting a stop sign, hitting a sedan and crashing into the living room of a house at the corner of Midkiff Road and Sycamore Avenue.

She was driving under the influence of alcohol, according to Midland Police.

Mayra Urias, whose parents own the house, estimated property damage claims to run up to $20,000.

"[The hole from the crash] went all the way through," she said.

"There's shattered sheet rock [and] the beams of the house are exposed. The main support beam is broken in half."

According to Urias, another vehicle drove into the side of their home ten years ago on Christmas Eve.

"This is actually the second time it's happened. The same location, the same accident."

She said she has been concerned about her parents living on that corner of Midkiff Road for years.

"I've always told them to sell [the house] because Midland's driving is getting so horrible," Urias said.

"And it worries me because my mom's in a wheelchair [and] my dad is disabled."

The family was not in the house during the accident.

Braxton Pearce, a neighbor on Sycamore Avenue, was taking Thanksgiving photos outside with his girlfriend and witnessed the two-vehicle collision.

"It was crazy," he told NewsWest 9.

"Sounded like an explosion.

His girlfriend, Haylea Manus, said she ran after the driver of the truck when she attempted to flee the scene of the accident.

"I chased her down the alley. She smelled drunk and she kept on [saying], 'What? What are we doing? What are we doing?'"

The woman was apprehended and arrested, following an on-scene intoxication investigation.

There were five people in the other car, believed to be grandparents and their three grandchildren, on their way to Thanksgiving dinner.

According to Midland Police, at least one person was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Officials are conducting an ongoing investigation into the accident.

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