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Diabetes Awareness with Thanksgiving

Kalene O'Brien
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - November is diabetes awareness month. Nearly one third of Americans suffer from the disease. 

The Thanksgiving holiday feast can bring a lot of confusion to people's diabetic diet.

Kalene O'Brien joins us with more. Kalene?

That's right Victor and Justin.

Thanksgiving of course brings lots of delicious dishes we've been waiting all year for.

But for diabetics it's a time of year where staying on top of diet is more important than ever. 

For Delma Chavez ten years ago was the first Thanksgiving after being diagnosed with diabetes. That holiday meal was a confusing one.

"No i think we messed it all up. I think our glucose were high. I think it was hard because when you first get diabetes and what they try and teach you even ten years ago it's overwhelming."

When she first got the news that she had the disease it was a flood of new priorities.

"All of a sudden you have to stop and you have to read every label."

But how do diabetics enjoy the annual Thanksgiving feast just like everyone else?

For the holiday season Medical Center Hospital in Odessa wanted to help those with diabetes keep an eye on what will make it to the plate.

"Yes you can enjoy it just like everybody else but just portion control that's the biggest thing we do say."

Nurse Educator Aregelia Prieto knows the holiday feast can bring temptations.

"It does affect them cause everybody wants to eat and enjoy the season and the holiday and it is hard for someone with diabetes cause of all the calories and carbs they eat."

But she's working to help diabetics stay healthy.

"It is a big life change and you have to be willing to do it and commit to it. Cause you do have to start eating healthier."

"Take your glucose level. Find out where you're at."

With family gathered around today Chavez says support in maintaining her diabetes is what she is most thankful for.

"I thank my family. We have a wonderful family. Great support system within ourselves."

Again November is national diabetes month and MCH is offering a free support group for people with diabetes.

To learn more about diabetes and tips on how to stay on a diabetic diet this holiday season just visit www.diabetes.org.

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