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Salvation Army Serving Meals for Thanksgiving

Zora Asberry
News West 9

ODESSA - The Salvation Army of Odessa passed out Thanksgiving meals today, it was all to give back to those who didn't have any place to go this year.

However, the Salvation Army wasn't just serving the homeless this year,but serving anyone that needed a good Thanksgiving meal.

"We prepared six turkeys last night, we did four hams, we did all the stuffing, made the cornbread.  We hand mixed all the stuffing, and it is phenomenal", said Lieutenant and Commanding Officer of the Salvation Army Odessa, Joe Contreras. 

Volunteers spent their Thanksgiving morning helping others in need today at the Salvation Army of Odessa. Among those volunteers, was the UTPB basketball team.

"This is our second year serving food at the Salvation Army. As an athletic department, you know obviously there's an athletic aspect of making them better basketball players, but it's a lot bigger than that. It's about educating them on how to be good people and grow character wise and this is a big part of that", said Head Coach of the UTPB Falcons Andy Newman. 

One volunteer from the basketball team is proud of what he did today in order to help those who are less fortunate.

"I actually was happy about it, like to help out the homeless and it kind put a soft spot in my heart. We just all came together and said lets go help out the homeless and give back to this community", said UTPB basketball player Stefan Thompson.

The Salvation Army wants people to know that their services are always available.

"We're here 365 days a year, 7 days a week, we don't stop. You know, we can't do it without the community and it takes a community to do this and I just want to thank everybody that is going to put money into the kettle, or take an angel and by something for them. We can't do it with out you, thank you and God bless you Odessa", said Joe Contreras. 

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