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Community Helps Man After Tool Trailer Stolen

by Kim Powell
NewsWest 9 

ODESSA - "All I needed was one tool and we got several tools, and we're probably going to get the rest of them and hopefully going to find the trailer," Randy Sanders, owner of Handy Randy Services, said. 

The amount of hope that Sanders has is incomparable. 

Earlier this month, his utility trailer with thousands of dollars worth of tools inside was stolen from his apartment complex. After a tip came in to Odessa Crime Stoppers, some of his tools were found but most of them were broken. Detectives were able to find the truck that was in the surveillance video but the owner was not the one driving it that night. The person that was actually behind the wheel is still on the loose. 

"That's a blessing to me that they're going the right way with the case and they're doing it awful fast too," Sanders said. 

He hasn't let all of this stop him from doing what he loves most--helping people. However, he was surprised when he realized other people wanted to help him too. 

"That man gave me that money that day, I started crying 'cause I've never had nobody help me, I've always helped them," Sanders said. 

He also says that many people have let him borrow their tools and have donated money to him. 

"Somebody had gave me money to try to help me and I had got a phone call from another lady about some kids not having Christmas lights on their house and they couldn't afford to get it," Sanders explained. "So we decided we would. God blessed us so we would bless these kids with some Christmas lights and when they come home, they're going to be surprised. They're house is going to be lit up and Santa's coming to see them."  

After all, nothing says it's the holidays like helping others in need. 

"It gives me a lot of faith that anybody called," Sanders said. "It's just a blessing in God's eyes that people do care about people they don't even know."

Again, they are still looking for the person who was driving the truck that night as well as Randy's trailer which is described as white with chrome fenders and black rims with the license plate 32080P. If you have any information...please call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.  If you would like to donate to Randy, you can go to a Chase Bank under "Randy Sanders."

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