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Why Frying your Turkey Can Be Dangerous This Thanksgiving

Zora Asberry
News West 9

Many kitchens will be full with our favorite holiday dishes, but some cooking methods may be more dangerous than others. A cooking trend that many people are following this year, is frying your turkey for Thanksgiving.

Fried turkey although delicious can be dangerous, that's why the Midland Fire Department is telling you how you can cook safely this Thanksgiving.

"Thanksgiving is the biggest time for people to cook turkeys using the frying method. You know historically we've always done it in the oven but in recent years this has been a common practice but it does have some consequences if you're not careful."

In deep frying, the oil is heated to temperatures of 350 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. If heated beyond normal temperature the cooking oil can become combustible and ignite.

"Any kind of open flame while cooking can be dangerous, however, because the amount of grease that you have to use on turkey frying and the preparation of the turkey into the hot oil can have consequence if the turkey is not prepared right. So you know the bird has to be dry, you need to measure the oil correctly. If it's too full than the oil will spill out and cause a flash fire, possibly."

Precautions you can take when deep frying your turkey are; thawing completely, using in an open area away from your home, and constantly attending to your fryer.

"NFPA actually discourages the operation, because of the potential for fire. There's other appliances now that you can use indoors that have the same effect for frying except you don't have the amount of grease and things that you use for deep frying."

If you still want a fried turkey this thanksgiving, but want to keep it safe, there are now indoor deep fryers that use less oil and keep oil contained.

"The fire department will be working over the thanksgiving holidays twenty four seven, again we're here all the time to protect our public."

If you still want to fry your turkey this year, the Midland County Fire Department wants you to be safe. 

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