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Odessa Animal Shelter Finding Animals a "Home for the Holidays"

by Zora Asberry
News West 9

ODESSA - The Odessa Animal Shelter is teaming up with Blue Buffalo to run a pet adoption campaign called "Home for the Holidays". This program hopes to educate the community about the importance of pet adoption. With the cold weather, it can be tough on stray animals this time of year, that's why the Odessa Animal Shelter is doing all they can to give these animals a forever home, just in time for the holidays.

"It's a national campaign to get all of the animals out of shelters by Christmas and into a home for the holidays", said Adoption Coordinator, Shayna Davis. 

"Home for the Holidays" is a three-month long adoption drive. Nationally they have adopted out over 450,000 animals to loving families. Locally the Odessa Animal Shelter serves all of Ector County. 

"It's a really cool thing, We are able to take donations, and each week they they send in success stories of animals being adopted. We're really excited that we're going to be open more hours so that people can come in and adopt. We'll be open from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on Saturday's from now on. And we're really pushing to get every animal out of the shelter by Christmas, so that everybody's got a permanent forever home", said Shayna Davis. 

The animals are in the shelter for 3 days and then are adopted out to animal rescue or happy homes.

"We'll go out there and show them what we have. We'll talk to them, and let them play with the animals. If they like the animal they take it home. We're really excited about that, and that people are starting to come in more often to adopt animals", said Shayna Davis. 

If you're too busy at work, or if going to the shelter is a little overwhelming, you can even find your new pet online.

"We put every animal we have in the shelter up on Pet Finder, whether it's in the adoptable building or where they haven't met there three-day hold yet. It is so that everybody can see all of our animals that we have whether it's adoptable yet or not. If they've lost a pet I would definitely suggest going to Pet Finder cause they are on there", said Shayna Davis.

To find out more information on how you can adopt a pet of your own this holiday season visit www.petfinder.com . All of the proceeds will go to the Odessa Animal Shelter. If you would like more information on the "Home for the Holidays" campaign, visit http://www/animalcenter.org/home4theholidays/

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