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High School Band Receives Thousands To Travel, Play

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

PECOS- The Pecos Band hasn't been to state competition since the 1980's.

This year was promised to be better for the band students, and so far, it has been.

"This was officially the worst 3A band in the state of Texas," Pecos Band Director, Stan Mauldin, said.

This is Mauldin's third season in Pecos. When he came to town, there were only 23 students in the marching band. Now, there are 116 members. They turned the band around in a short amount of time.

Mauldin says the need for a great band was heard around town.

"The community doesn't want a good band, they need a good band. The town needs us to be really good. The kids want to be really good, they just don't know how to be really good. I try to lead them to that point to where they are pretty good, it's been a blast. The most fun I ever had," Mauldin said.

The team has traveled to Chicago and blown other high school band directors away with their talent in such a short time.

Magazine articles have been written and there is even talk about a documentary to be written about the band. We can't forget about a trip to the state competition a few weeks ago, which was a task not completed since the mid 80's.

"Unheard of. How'd we do that? The quick answer is I don't know," Mauldin said.

Even band students are excited about their success.

"I'm really proud how everything's turned out from worst to first," French Horn player, Monica Flores, said.

Dreams are coming true for these young band students.

"Amazing and very emotional. During the show, parents stood up and started clapping. I started to cry," Clarinet player, Jennifer Barron, said.

Because the Pecos community is supportive of their success, two Pecos band alumni from Zubeldia Energy Services, LLC. paid a generous donation to further the bands dreams.

"We get donations of $100 or $500 but to be thousands of dollars is just something you never see," Mauldin said.

The generous gift will send these band eagles to new heights.

"It will give those kids an opportunity to see what life outside of Pecos is all about," Mauldin said.

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