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Old NewsWest 9 Studio Being Demolished

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The last time someone sat at the old desk and delivered the news in Big Spring was over twenty years ago. Now, NewsWest 9 and Howard College is looking to tear down the studio.

"We've had a great relationship with the television station through all those years. The intent is still to do things in Howard County and with Howard College. We look forward to the continue relationship with them," Cheryl Sparks, President of Howard College, said.

The station has been a staple in the Big Spring community since 1954. Now, the main reason why the station is abandoned is because the advancements in television broadcasting. Everything can be done from the main studio in Midland.

"It was a service at one point for a long time. But now with technology, we don't really need it anymore," Jackie Rutledge, General Manager of NewsWest 9, said.

President of Howard College, Dr. Cheryl Sparks agrees.

"What was the in thing back in the 50's is very different now. Your technology has changed and as a result we saw the usage of the building change over all those years," Sparks said.

NewsWest 9 owns the building and Howard College owns the land. The building would cost too much to upgrade and bring up to code before another tenant could move in. Sparks, who is a life long resident of Big Spring, says the building and tower will be missed.

"That has been kind of an iconic part of our sky-scape so to speak. It will be sad to see the tower come down. At the same time, it's just part of progress and how things change," Sparks said.

With the new technology, signals are stronger and Rutledge assures we will always be faithful to the Big Spring community.

"Our commitment to Big Spring is the same or even stronger then it was in the past," Rutledge said.
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