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Upton County Commissioner Urinated in Office Chairs, Trash Cans

by Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

UPTON COUNTY - Upton County Commissioner David "Rowdy" Mooney had no comment on the allegations made against him last week. Commissioners Court went about as normal business on Monday morning despite the elephant in the room. 

Last week, NewsWest 9 reported that Mooney and one of his employees were seen on surveillance photos urinating in what appeared to be water jugs. The Upton County Attorney, Melanie Spratt-Anderson, issued a statement Monday saying in part:

"Approximately 2 weeks ago, two employees and Commissioner Pct. 4 Leon Patrick made a complaint and allegations that Commissioner Pct. 3, Rowdy Mooney, and one of his employees were urinating on the Pct. 4 employee's office chairs and in the trash can in their work area on several occasions. After reviewing surveillance photos, seizing evidence and interviewing the two accused persons, the allegations were confirmed. It was further determined that persons had come into contact with the urine." 

So now the big question that's on everyone's mind--why did they do it? 

"I think it's just ongoing, not getting along, I don't think there's one specific reason. It's just a hostile work environment, I think, for everybody over there," Spratt-Anderson said. 

The two precincts share a building in McCamey that they both work out of and hold meetings in. The Precinct 4 Commissioner Leon Patrick issued a statement last week saying in part, "It is clear there is no way the men in the Road and Bridge Department can work around you and they have little or no respect for you now. This is a disgrace to me and the county along with the commissioner court." 

While the other employee in the photos has since been terminated, Mooney is still under investigation. 

"Possible criminal charges could be filed and there's a process when someone elected is removed from office. It's not a simple termination so that's what's under review. Upton County has never done that before, it's something very rare," Spratt-Anderson said. 

Precinct 4 has now been relocated to a different office space and the investigation is still ongoing, which will determine if Mooney will lose his seat. 

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