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Family Re-Opens Store That Burned Down Almost a Year Ago

Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9


A family in Marathon, Texas re-opened a gas station that was burned down nearly a year ago due to causes unknown. The Alvarez family business was open for many years.    

"We had this business for thirty-seven, thirty-eight years. Then on November 28, it burned down. But we managed, thanks to God to re-build again," business owner and grandfather, Sixto Aguilar, said.

It took nearly a year to restore the family treasure that they had lost. But through it all, the devastation wasn't over, unfortunately they suffered the loss of a wife, mother, and grandmother as well. 

"It's been a hard year and you know they came and had to demolish what was left, which wasn't much, and then start re-building little by little. In the midst of everything, we lost my mom to lung cancer," store owner, Gilda Gonzales, said.

Dominga Aguilar was 76-years-old when she passed. The family says what she wanted to see most was their family business re-open.

"We were there for my grandmother, grandfather, my mom and we just held each other. It was a hard night but we held each other and we prayed and said we're going to get through this. This is not going to get us down and it hasn't. This year has been hard but it's been a good year because we've been able to really come back and realize what we need in life. We don't need this technology, we need each other," Korinda Arguijo, the owner's daughter, said.  

Through family and faith, the Aguilar's we're able to fulfill their mission and are now open for business. The store is located at 901 E. Hwy. Marathon, TX 79842. 

"Business is really good, thank God for that. We're doing really good, we're happy. We feel very peaceful here," Gonzales said. 

The Aguilar family proves that even through tragedy, you can have great triumph. 

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