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Twelve Children Find a New Home in Midland County

Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Some children now have a place to call home. They were officially adopted by their new families on Midland's Adoption Day.

November 22nd is National Adoption Day and currently there are more than 6,500 children in Texas foster care waiting to be adopted. But on Friday, 12 children found their new homes at the Midland County Courthouse. 

"To get adopted!" Ryan Floyd said.  

His new adopted mom, Deborah Northcut, said, "To get adopted. That's right!"

"It is a day where everyone smiles. It is a day where in court everyone wins, there is no loser in court. You get to see children that are finding their permanent families, their forever homes," Beverly Hutchins, Conservatorship Director of Child Protective Services, said.

For some families, the adoption process can take up to three months but the reward is certainly worth the wait.

"We went through the adoption process and we wanted him to be our forever. It was a wonderful blessing. It was a hard road but we're finished," Northcut said. 

Texas adoptions have doubled in the last 10 years from 2,500 to more than 5,000 adoptions each year.

"Foster care is temporary. It is a safe place for children to stay until we can find their permanent home. Whether that's going back to their birth families, their relatives or going to live with their adoptive family. So foster care is temporary, adoption means the child has found his permanent forever home," Hutchins said. 

The Midland County Courthouse was filled with love and tears on Friday but those tears were tears of joy.

"I can tell Mimi is very happy," Floyd said.

"Very happy, because we're a family. Right? We've always been a family but now no one can take you away. Right? Forever and ever," Northcut said. 

"They're glad to have a family. They feel at home. They know this is where they will stay and they will never have to move again," Hutchins said. 

Children are waiting. So if you are interested in adopting a child of your own, you can learn more on the website by visiting
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