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New Robot Allows Easier, Painless Surgeries

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Midland Memorial Hospital is the only hospital in the area with the newest innovative Da Vinci XI. The piece of medical equipment will be useful in many different surgeries.

The hospital wanted to show off the new robot to the public at Midland Park Mall on Friday.

"We can now do certain procedures. In the past, you could only do certain ones. The robot is able to have more versatility. We can do things we weren't able to before," General Surgeon with Midland Memorial Hospital, Dr. Sandeepa Musunuru, said.

The new Da Vinci XI robot is leading Midland Memorial into the future with this new and improved technology. It allows surgeries to be more successful with less time and less pain.

"People are leaving the hospital several days sooner with these minimally invasive techniques," General and Vascular Surgeon for Midland Memorial Hospital, Dr. Daniel Copeland, said.

After a tense, complete training course, the surgeon will then be able to work on the patient. Young and older doctors are picking up on this new procedure.

"If you played video games and you have that good hand-eye coordination, you're going to do well with it. You see older surgeons picking it up too," Copeland said

The Da Vinci XI will mostly be used for surgeries such as hysterectomies, colon cancer and hernias. A new wave of the future, close to home.

"I'm very excited. I think that it's great we have this in West Texas. That we have an opportunity that not all big cities have across the country. It's great to be in the forefront of medicine," Musunuru said.

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