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Special Report: Religious Persecution in China Part 2

by Stephanie Mills
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Zhang Huixin, her husband and their baby fled China to get away from religious persecution. With the help of China Aid, they made it out and are now in Midland. 

When asked how her family is adjusting to the U.S. she said, "I just feel people here are so nice and we were shocked when we came here we didn't see video cameras on street corners. We feel much safer here because our Chinese government said the reason they install the video cameras is to protect safety but actually they produce more fear for my family."

The family was helped out of the country by Pastor Bob Fu and his organization. Bob Fu is the founder and president of China Aid, which is based out of Midland. It's an international non-profit Christian human rights organization. They help those in China escape religious persecution and promote rule of law in China.

"China Aid was established in the garage of my Philadelphia home. At that time, I was the only staff without much support at all. In 2004, when we moved here, essentially, we formally established China Aid as a more healthy organization," Fu said.  

When asked, why Midland? Bob said, "It's like the question, why Nazareth? Right? Midland has a small community with big dreams so this is a very unique community. Of course, the oil and gas on the surface seems like nothing to do with the persecuted, faithful in China. But look at the Midlanders, it has everything to do with world affairs."

The family China Aid rescued now plans to continue to lend a hand with the organization. They said they want to follow God's leading as they work to fight against persecution in China. 

Huixin said, "I am hoping I can testify and be a witness for God and be a testimony and share in more places. I don't know in the future what I can do so I'm praying that God can lead me just how he led me to come to U.S."

The daughter, Huixin, and her mother have visited Pastor Zhang several times in prison. The pastor has to labor long hours manufacturing socks there as part of their re-education through labor process. First Baptist Church in Midland is covering temporary housing and China Aid has been taking care of the family's living expenses. But in January, they have to find another place to stay and help with living expenses before they can look for work. 

If you would like to lend a hand or help them find work, you can contact First Baptist or China Aid and Bob Fu at the following information:

China Aid
designated donation for Family of Prisoners Fund at - www.ChinaAid.org
(432) 689-6985

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