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Ward County Crimestoppers Putting a Stop to Bullying

by Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

WARD COUNTY - Ward County is hoping to get some help catching criminals. They're doing so by enforcing their own Crime Stoppers program. 

Ward County Crimestoppers began their program on September first of this year. Their main goal is not only to protect the citizens of Ward county but to protect the students as well. 

"We just want to make sure that the students are confident in their school district, their law enforcement, and in Crimestoppers. We want to make sure they are aware that all of us will work together to ensure their safety," Naomi DeAnda, Executive Director of Ward County CrimeStoppers, said.

Some parents may be concerned that their children are being bullied at school and may not know who to talk to. This program is a great way for both parents and students to get help. 

"I think we are like every other school, kids do make reports of bullying. Any reports of bullying we have, we investigate thoroughly," Patty Dominguez, Principal of Monahans High School, said.

"We just want to let the students know that if something is going on in school and they're afraid of retaliation or embarrassment that CrimeStoppers is a way they can report this information anonymously and not have to go to school officials or law enforcement on their own if they're scared to do that," DeAnda said. 

Often times, it also may be difficult for students to talk to their teachers and even their own parents as they're afraid of others breaking confidentiality.

"We know that a lot of times being a small town, kids are afraid of confidentiality. Our counselors do a great job of keeping that confidentiality. But kids are still kids and they feel like maybe there's not that much confidentiality here so the fact that they have another place they can go is a positive thing for our community," Dominguez said. 

If you or your children are experiencing any sort of bullying or crime in general, Ward County Crimestoppers wants to know.

"They can call our hotline, they can use our website, they will remain anonymous and that information will get turned over to the proper authorities, whether it's law enforcement or someone in the school district," DeAnda said.

To report a crime in your area, you can call Ward County Crimestoppers on their hotline at 432-943-TIPS (432-943-2877). You can also text (CRIMES) to 274637. To learn more about the Ward County Crimestoppers, visit them on their website at www.wardcountycrimestoppers.com.  
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