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Upton County Commissioner Being Investigated, Could Lose Seat

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

RANKIN - Only time will tell if commissioner David Mooney will have to vacate his Precinct three seat. The Upton County Commissioners Court had an emergency meeting Thursday afternoon to discuss Mooney's fate. 

Apparently Mooney and one of his employees performed an act that was considered misconduct in the courts eyes.  

County Judge, Bill Eyler, says, "We received a complaint from two employees about a commissioner and his employee. At this time, the employee in question will be terminated for misconduct. The complaint against commissioner Mooney is still under investigation,"  

Commissioner Leon Patrick also weighed in on the matter. He tells NewsWest 9, "In my personal opinion, you should resign from the county commissioner position that you hold to save the embarrassment for you and the county in the days to come. In my opinion, the evidence speaks for itself. Sort of the proof in the pudding. It is clear there is no way that the men in the Road and Bridge Department can work around you and they have little or no respect for you now. This is a disgrace to me and the county along with commissioner court."

Commissioner Mooney was outvoted 3-1 about his performance in the matter. An investigation will begin to see if Mooney will also be terminated.

The act in question still hasn't been confirmed by Upton County authorities.  
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