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Aiken Takes Plea Agreement in Hayley Kemp Death

by Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - When a young woman's body was found on a caliche road in Midland on May 31, suspicions immediately began circling. Soon, we learned that the body belonged to 19-year-old Hayley Kemp, a frequent volunteer at the Children's Advocacy Center. Her body was found fully clothed with some personal items.

Just days later, 52-year-old Robert Aiken and 28-year-old Christopher Snyder were arrested. After a search of their home, they were arrested on charges of drug possession. Snyder also admitted to tampering with evidence involving a human corpse.

Fast forward to Thursday, Aiken has now taken a plea agreement that details what happened the night the teenager died. 

According to court documents, he admitted to using methamphetamine with Snyder and Kemp on May 30. Early the next morning, Kemp told Snyder that Aiken gave her heroin that she injected. The documents say, Snyder said that Kemp began nodding off moments later. 

After a few hours, the two say they found Kemp unresponsive. Aiken said Snyder told him that he may have given her too much heroin. 

In the plea agreement, Aiken says after failing to revive her, the two made the decision to take Kemp's body and dump her in an area where she would be found. Aiken drove while Snyder left the body on the side of the road. 

According to documents, Aiken admitted to investigators to having a big involvement in the distribution of heroin and has witnessed many overdoses, but this was the first that he was unable to keep someone alive. 

By taking the plea agreement, Aiken agreed to serve 20 years in prison without possibility of parole. 

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