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Tool Trailer Stolen from Man Who Helps the Needy

 by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9 

ODESSA - "If Home Depot or Lowe's sold it, I probably had it," Randy Sanders said. 

Sanders, owner of Handy Randy Services, is the kind of guy who does good things for people in need. 

"I help people mow their yards, repair their fences, fix their doors, help people that need help," Sanders explained. 

On November 6th, however, someone did just the opposite of paying it forward. They stole his trailer that had at least $7,000 worth of tools inside. 

In the surveillance video from High Plains Apartments in Odessa, an older model truck is seen driving around the parking lot. After two or three rounds, the driver gets out and hitches the trailer in just three minutes. 

"Where we don't have good video of the face of the person who drives it, we have excellent video of the vehicle he's in," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers said. "And if you'll look at that truck, it's got a headache rack top bar on the back of it, very distinguishing look to it, a lot of junk in the back end of it."

Sanders says the worst part about having his trailer stolen, is that after 20 years, Handy Randy Services is on hold. 

"Whoever stole these tools didn't just steal them from me, they stole them from the people, the elderly people of Odessa, Midland, Andrews, wherever people call me from," Sanders said. "They didn't steal them from just my family, they stole them from the people that need help." 

He says he knows whoever stole it probably already sold his tools, but he still has hope of finding a way to help people. 

"I would be blessed if I could just find one tool, that's all I need," Sanders said. 

The stolen trailer is described as white with chrome fenders, black rims, and a Texas license plate of 32080P. If you have any information on the truck or the stolen trailer, please call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS. 

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