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Local Man Gets Scammed on Ector County Trading Post

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9 

As you scroll through Facebook pages like The Ector County Trading Post you can find everything from clothes, to purses, even appliances for sale. But before you cash in on the great deals you need to make sure its legit.

Sammie Salgado knows about trading post scammers all to well. After hearing about the great deals you can find on the pages he decided to look for himself. "I've been looking for a washer and dryer. It seemed so good! Like too good to be true!"

Turns out, It was too good to be true. The front load washer and dryer was advertised for sale on the Ector County Trading Post for only $400.00. So Sammie contacted the woman who said she was selling them.

"She said the only thing is I need the money up front to hold the washer and dryer for you. I was like okay that's fine I have the money right now," Sammie said. 

Sammie claimed the woman wanted the money in advance because there were other offers. He met up with her at lunch, handed over the cash, and was expecting to meet up with the seller and her husband that night to get his new washer and dryer. But as the day went on Sammie said he knew something wasn't right.

"So I contacted a friend of mine so she can contact her to see if the washer and dryer were still for sale and she told her it was still for sale."

Now Sammie has no washer or dryer and his money is gone. Sergeant Jimmy Young with the Midland Police Department said never trust someone you don't know. "Make sure you have the item in hand before the money exchange, and trust your instincts if something just doesn't feel right."

As for Sammie, he has filed a police report with the Midland Police Department. He also claimed after posting about what happened on his Facebook page more victims came forward.  

"I had three other people that contacted me so I'm pretty sure they started a case on this woman," Sammie said. 

Sammie said this is the first and last time he'll shop on a trading post online. "It was my mistake and I know it's my mistake you know lesson learned. It was my first time. I wont ever do it again. First time killed it for me."

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