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Andrews County Takes a Survey to See what their Residents Want in the Community

Zora Asberry
News West 9

ANDREWS - The Andrews Chamber of Commerce's Steering Committee has a program called the Andrews Strategic Action Plan (A.S.A.P) where they are surveying their residents to see what changes they should invest in within the community. 

"We just hear all the time from people that say, there's not a whole lot to do, and they have to leave town to go and pursue their interests. So  we really just want to provide that here for them and make Andrews a more enjoyable place" said Julia Wallace, Executive Director of the Andrews Chamber of Commerce.

The last time Andrews had an effective action plan was back in 2000.

"A lot of great things came out of it, they were more infrastructure type things such as school bonds, our hospital district and things like that all which came out of the first A.S,A,P, So we've got a lot of that in place now. This time around we can actually kind of focus on more of the fun stuff", said Julia Wallace. 

Based on the surveys that the Chamber of Commerce has received a lot of people requested things like movie theaters and bowling allies just to name a few.

"Cook-offs, carnivals, and things like that, so maybe a facility or area that would really work for hosting those types of things, and just give us the opportunity to have more things in Andrews."

The Chamber of Commerce received over 500 responses to the survey from the Andrews community.

"It's very important that we have good community participation. We want to hear from everyone so we just encourage everyone to be there tonight if you just got off of work, it doesn't matter just come on in it's going to be a lot of fun and I think it's going to be a great session tonight. We really do want to have all the community participation we can get", said Julia Wallace. 

With Andrews growing population, the city wants to appeal more to the youth and young families that are moving to the area.

"We really want to be the gem of West Texas, that's kinda what this is all about. We want people to look at us and say, that's where I want to live", said Julia Wallace. 

The event took place at the Andrews high school cafeteria tonight at 7:00 p.m., but the Chamber of Commerce is still accepting the community's input. 

To take the community survey visit
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